HOT•BED is a new creative venture between Philadelphia based James Oliver Gallery and Bryan Hoffman of Hoffman Design Group.

Bridging JOG's eye for modern contemporary art and Bryan Hoffman, of Hoffman Design Group's passion for cultivating beauty through nature, HOT•BED is an up and coming gallery and event space will take a fresh look at how we interact with our environment.

This ultra-collaborative space explores the relationship between our natural connection to nature, or biophilia, and art in new exciting ways. HOT•BED puts on 6-8 shows per year, where visitors can immerse themselves in a full sensory experience. The vivid art and specimen horticulture are expertly balanced with creature comforts like lounges and sumptuous carpets. Walking into HOT•BED, you are immediately immersed in the atmosphere - the colors, sounds, and smells swirl around you like as if you were dreaming.

People looking to enhance their home or office environments can visit the venue and select exclusive pieces of art, specimen plants and horticultural elements.The space can also be rented out by third parties to host weddings, showers, parties, socials, and pop-up art exhibits. Performance artists showcase their talents as well, transforming the space with their energy. Shows include elements of dance, fashion, poetry readings, classical music, the body, and even sometimes live animals!

Almost more importantly than what guests come to experience, however, is the connection that is built between people. From resident artists to creative individuals to thinkers to visitors and curiosity seekers, all who come together here form an appreciation for one another. HOT•BED is an environment that promotes rapid growth and development, and that strategy applies to all artists that rent out our studio space. Tenants are seamlessly infused with our ever-expanding community of Philly creatives. We are an incubator of new ideas and is inclusive for people of all ages, incomes, and social standings.

James Oliver

James Oliver, of James Oliver Gallery, is an artist, painter & gallerist.


Bryan Hoffman

Bryan Hoffman, of Hoffman Design Group, is a visionary horticulturist based in Philadelphia. 


Aubrey M. Loftus

Gallery Director


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Kelsey McKee

Social Media Coordinator

From LA to NYC Kelsey has indulged in her love of fashion and marketing. Kelsey attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, where she lived for 4 years. In 2016, she moved back to the East Coast and launched her fashion blog, Bells + Whistles. She interned for NYC PR firms such as Supreme PR and Small Girls PR.